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There is a new Support Group based in Barry for the Vale of Glamorgan. For more information go to Latest News or go to Support Groups> A-M> Barry

Many thanks to Michelle Thomas, her sister Christina Thomas and their friend Jason Cuncliffe who did a charity parachute jump for Epilepsy Wales earlier this year raising £822.83. Also many thanks to The Coopers Arms, Plasmarl, for facilitating the fun evening and pig roast!

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We would like to invite people to join our new Official Epilepsy Wales Facebook group.  It is a closed group, which we hope will give people with epilepsy of all ages and their friends or family to chat, exchange information and meet new people.  Our group is regularly monitored by our admins to ensure safety. Use the link under Links To Other Websites to access the group site.

Epilepsy Wales Publications

There is a very important Epilepsy Wales publication “Your Epilepsy Review…What  To Expect And How To Prepare“.  This is a revised version (July 16th, 2013). To read/print this please click on the link below:

Your Epilepsy Review

There is also a new publication – Epilepsy Seizures Explained. To read/print this please click on the link below:

Epilepsy Seizures Explained

N.B. To find all Epilepsy Wales Publications and Epilepsy Wales Leaflets click on Publications. If the publication/leaflet does not load immediately, just refresh your web page. (On Internet Explorer you can also press the F5 button)

To read any pdf documents you will need Adobe Reader. You can download from here:

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Epilepsy Wales Helpline (0800 228 9016)

The telephone and web-site help line are the first points of contact for most people seeking help, advice or information. It operates during normal working hours from Monday-Friday and we are seeking funds to offer a service in the early evening and week-ends. The service will eventually be fully bi-lingual.

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Epilepsy Wales

Epilepsy Wales was set up as a charity in 1986 to help people with epilepsy in Wales, their families and carers.

For more information on what we do see Fieldworkers and Support Groups

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What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is formally defined as a tendency to have recurring seizures and these take many forms, depending on which part(s) of the brain are affected. They may happen once a year, or many times a day.

See our Epilepsy Wales Leaflets for more information. Some of these leaflets are also
available in Welsh, see under Ffurflenni Epilepsi Cymru

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