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Epilepsy Wales, alongside other members of the All Wales Epilepsy Forum, held their annual Epilepsy Aware event at the Senedd to raise awareness of the key issues affecting people with epilepsy. Over 70 people attended, including Assembly Members, to gather and share information about their experiences of epilepsy services and support across Wales. The event was sponsored by Julie Morgan AM, who commenced proceedings by welcoming all to The Senedd and highlighted the need to reduce risk and lower death rates among those with epilepsy.

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We would like to invite people to join our new Official Epilepsy Wales Facebook group.  Please make sure you find the right group – Epilepsy Wales Facebook Group – as there are others with similar sounding names. It is a closed group, which we hope will give people with epilepsy of all ages and their friends or family to chat, exchange information and meet new people.  Our group is regularly monitored by our admins to ensure safety. Use the link under Links To Other Websites to access the group site.

Epilepsy Wales Publications

There is a very important Epilepsy Wales publication “Your Epilepsy Review…What  To Expect And How To Prepare“.  This is a revised version (July 16th, 2013). To read/print this please click on the link below:

Your Epilepsy Review

There is also a new publication – Epilepsy Seizures Explained. To read/print this please click on the link below:

Epilepsy Seizures Explained

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To read any pdf documents you will need Adobe Reader. You can download from here:

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