Taff Trail Walk For Epilepsy Wales

Ceri Richards and his enthusiastic, energetic band of Volunteers walked the Taff Trail from the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff to Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr, in order to raise funds for Epilepsy Wales.  The choice of the walk, between the two hospitals, was significant because Ceri’s young son, Owain, who was born in UHW, is being treated for epilepsy at the Prince Charles.

Ceri’s photographs tell the story well, so he can take up the story. 

“The walk took place on Sunday, 10th October. We had 26 people taking part during the day, with 16 people doing the walk from start to finish (Heath Hospital to Prince Charles Hospital), including me. One of the boys had a posh ‘phone with GPS on it, which told us we walked exactly 27.1 miles! You’d know this was true if you’d seen me in the office on Monday, walking like a robot.”

Preparation is all important...

pub. October 10th, 2010

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