Epilepsy The Essential Guide – Louise Bolotin

Reviewed by:  James H., Cardiff, who has epilepsy himself

The book contains a variety of related issues to epilepsy – from what it is, to the medical facts, to the daily implications of living with epilepsy.

The book was written in a manner which was easy to understand. The definition of epilepsy which was given in the introduction was simple, but explained a lot and the book contained some useful tips in regards to the subjects which were raised. 

 It was also interesting for me to look at a wider scope of the epilepsy which exists, to see how other people can be affected in various ways.

 A relative who read the book said that she found the book interesting especially with regards to some of the issues related to my experience of epilepsy.

 I would give the book top marks & will be interested enough to buy myself a copy when it becomes available.

And what else you need to know:-

Epilepsy – The Essential Guide

Price: £8.99

Page count: 134

Chapter headings: Introduction, Epilepsy – The Basics, First Aid and Mortality Issues, Treatments, Managing Your Epilepsy, Travel Issues, Women and Parenthood, Children with Epilepsy, Teenagers, Working Life, Rights and Welfare Benefits, Help List, Book List, Glossary.

ISBN Number 978-1-86144-063-1



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