Just Giving

Justgiving exists to help charities raise more money. It was created in 1999 to enable any charity, however small, to use the web to raise money at very low cost. It has helped over 6,000 member charities to raise £370 million, mostly through online funding pages.

At 6.5 million and counting, its users are the largest community of online charity supporters in the world. One of its statistics is that 30% of donations would not have been made without its service. It reinvests all its profits in the business.

“Charities like our model because it’s simple and transparent, freeing them up to concentrate on what matters – whether it’s researching cancer or running the local playgroup. They know that we treat their supporters with respect, promising never to spam them, sell their personal data, or sell them anything. Charity fundraising is all we do” (quote from their website).

Have a look at the website for further information and see if this is the way you would like to help Epilepsy Wales!


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