There are a number of Apps available to load onto iphones and ipads via iTunes.  To find them go into the iTunes Store and type Epilepsy in the Search Box. As of February 2011 the following are included:

Epilepsy Guide (iphone)

Living With Epilepsy (iphone)

Epilepsy i-pocketguides (iphone & ipad)

My Epilepsy Diary (iphone)

Neuro Toolkit (iphone & ipad)

Mini Atlas Central Nervous System (iphone & ipad)

Seizure Diary (iphone)

Seizure Log (iphone)

Nerve System (ipad)

There are also a number of apps for Android Phones and tablets – just go to Google play and type in Epilepsy under Apps. Included are Apps such as:

My Epilepsy Diary

Epilepsy Society

Young Epilepsy

Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy News


N.B. Epilepsy Wales does not specifically endorse or recommend any of these apps

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