Epilepsy Services Threat

Epilepsy services are under threat as a result of the failure of Local Health Boards to implement the Welsh Assembly Government’s Epilepsy Directive.

That is the view of leading charity, Epilepsy Wales, who are calling on anybody affected by epilepsy to join a lobby of Welsh Assembly Members on March 30th at the Oriel in the Senedd at Cardiff Bay.

The lobby and awareness event is being organised by the All Wales Epilepsy Forum (AWEF) which is chaired by Epilepsy Wales and includes members from Epilepsy Action Cymru and Epilepsy Bereaved.

 “Epilepsy Wales was an important contributor to the development of the Service and Development Directives for Epilepsy and its subsequent launch,” commented Epilepsy Wales Development Officer, Fiona Kettell. “We are disappointed that the commitment and hard work of all those who contributed to this document, including our partners in the AWEF, has not been reflected by the provision of direct services for people with epilepsy. Recent audit results indicate that only one out of seven Health Boards fully complied with the Directive.

 “We would urge Local Health Boards to allocate adequate funding for epilepsy services, including funding their partners in the voluntary sector who deliver vital services for some of the most vulnerable people with epilepsy. After 26 years of providing services Epilepsy Wales may be forced to curtail their operations due to lack of funds”.

“We are inviting members from the Welsh Assembly Government and Local Health Boards to attend our meeting and answer questions from service users and their Assembly Members.”

For more information on how to contact your Assembly Member or any other queries, please contact Fiona Kettell on 01978 312325 or visit our website www.epilepsy-wales.org.uk

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