Epilepsy Society Survey

Survey – Could you find the time to fill in a simple survey for our colleagues at the Epilepsy Society please?  (You may have known them as the National Society for Epilepsy, same people, shorter, neater name change at the end of last year.)

Epilepsy – taking the tablets? A survey for people with epilepsy about their medication

Epilepsy Society has been working with The School of Pharmacy to develop a survey for people with epilepsy about their medications. The survey aims to understand the experiences of people with epilepsy who take anti-epileptic drugs: why they do (or do not) take their medications, how they feel about their medication, and whether anything helps, or hinders, them taking medication.

Epilepsy Society hopes, through this survey, to better understand how people with epilepsy feel and think about their medications, and to find ways in which to help support individuals with ‘taking the tablets’.

The survey can be accessed through Epilepsy Society’s website at www.epilepsysociety.org.uk/targetingseizures

Printed copies are available from Epilepsy Society by calling 01494 601 392.

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