Cathedral School Cardiff Donation

A fantastic welcome was given to our fieldworker Lesley Williams, who was invited to Cathedral School, Cardiff at the beginning of term, to receive a cheque for over £3,300.  St Euddogwy’s House at Cathedral School, under the leadership of House Master Kevin Scott, had been raising funds for a number of school charities, but their particular chosen House charity was Epilepsy Wales.  Cathedral School Teacher Dave Roberts has a friend, whose young son has epilepsy, and got involved with several fund raising Fun Runs, each raising over £5,000.  Mr. Roberts invited Lesley to the school to meet with St. Euddogwy House who spent the last academic year learning about epilepsy and, as we sincerely hope, had a lot of fun raising this fantastic sum.

One of the main Fund Raisers the pupils of Ty St. Euddogwy organised was in March, when five pupils from 11E (Tom J, Tom S, Sam, Emily and Mikki) attempted to break the world record for assembling the tallest free-standing stack of copies of the Guinness Book of Records in one minute.  The team did extremely well, and we hope to hear confirmation of our success from Guinness shortly.  Watch this space!

Thank you to every pupil and parent who supported St. Euddogwy House students and, of course, a big thank you, in fact 3,300 thank-you’s to Mr. Scott’s students of St. Euddogwy House.

The amount of money raised will help Epilepsy Wales support children with epilepsy, and their families, by raising the awareness, bringing epilepsy out of the shadows and helping to eradicate the stigma and discrimination that is still experienced by many people with epilepsy.

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