Epilepsy Wales at Welsh Assembly

Epilepsy was top of the agenda at the Welsh Assembly during International Epilepsy Week when members and supporters of Epilepsy Wales got to meet and talk with Welsh Assembly Members about the services and resources available to people affected by epilepsy. Minister for Health Mark Drakeford was one of our guests and it was an opportunity to raise the profile of epilepsy, following his publication of the new Neurological Delivery Plan, to ensure that epilepsy does not get lost or forgotten alongside some of the other neurological conditions that currently enjoy a higher profile than epilepsy.

Our thanks go to the Welsh Assembly Members who did give their time for this event, with a special thanks to Simon Thomas AM who was our Host for the day. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the members of the All Wales Epilepsy Forum and UCB Pharma for sponsoring the buffet lunch.

Welsh Assembly 2014 pic 1 Welsh Assembly 2014 pic2. Welsh Assembly 2014 pic3. Welsh Assembly 2014 pic4. Welsh Assembly 2014 pic5.


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